Our goal will be essential cosmetics for the skin .

We always want to embrace expectations and desires of customers, to provide the supreme satisfication

We always seek renewed value creation and challenge the infinite potency


We are conducting research the skin and cosmetics from various angles.

Homeostasis, which restores healthy state after injury and sick, is equiped in our body.
In skin, the ability to maintain healthy and beautiful state as well. However, the negative factors such as ultraviolet stimulation dryness and aging ,etc disturbe the ability.

We, Septem-Soken, focused on inherent "cutaneous homeostasis" and skin rejenevation to babyskin while developing the cosmetics.

Our products will be contineu to evolve with our customers.

There are two important "compartments" in the products we provide. The one is carefully screened ingredients and another one is the voice from our customers.
We organize the system which makes the best use of the voice from the customers who always use our products.


We contineu the further wide range investigation to create the value.

Fixing our eyes on now and the future, we always perform investigation
We have established the corporative network with universities and institute all over the world and perform collaboration when it is needed.

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