R & D laboratories

Original studies on evocating nature ability of skin

At R & D lab, performing research and development based on knowledge and evidence from wide range basic studies along with making much account of bidirection communication with customers, to develop the products loved for a long time.
By promoting academic-industrial collaboration on wide range fields such as dermatological science, human science and cosmetology, we are developing new original technology and products.
Business content

◎Research and development
・Marcket research and planning
・Studies on formulation
・Development of packages
・Planning and development of cosmetics, beauty devices and functinal food
◎Basic research
・Skin homeostasis
・Plant biological activity
・Development of functional ingredients

New buissiness development division

NBD is the centre for developing the products based on customers voices.

To develop the products which provide “customers’ satisfication” we cellect customers’ voices and analyse them.
According to collaboration with researchers and clinicians, we explore, plan and propose new category products,
Business content

◎Department of Research and Planning
・Research based on questionnaire
・Academic-industrial collaboration
◎Department of business promotion
・Promotion for clinicians
・OEM and ODM
・Customers service

Quality assurance office

We continue to aim providing high quality products.

To provide high quality products, we perform the activity to assure the quality through entire products’ life from research to the end of use. As a cosmetics manufacturing and sales enacted by PMD act, we accomplish our obligation and apply for quasi drugs.
Business content

◎Assurance activity
・Inspection for providers
・Complaint handling
・Operation, application based on PMD act

Division of Manufacturing

The task of our division is to provide high quality products produced systematically.

We unitarily manage stocking, production and delivery with the spirit of ” Relief, Safe, Stability” under collaboration with OEM manufacturers.
Business content

・Purchase of materials
・Planing / Management of Production
・Management of product information
・Inventory control
・Export procedures